The Project

Q. What's the story?
Q. Why are you doing this?
Q. What are your backgrounds?
Q. Is this a serious business?
Q. Why should we do this?
Q. Will this be a one-off investment?
What's the story!

My name is Michael Suppo and I would like to welcome you to my Internet Shopping Mall called Mashabrand, showcasing online brands in exchange for 1 million UK pounds.

The Mall' is a virtual shopping centre made up of 10,000 blocks of land, each purchasable for £100, I am offering these permanent square blocks to businesses worldwide to acquire their very own piece of internet real estate. You can buy 1, 25, 100 or as many as you want (if there is space), either in a rectangular or square shape to best maximise your logo.

By owning a plot of this virtual real estate, you can insert your company logo / keyword you desire (within reason) into your block, which when clicked will take the visitor to whichever URL you choose, whether it is a website, Facebook page or online shop.

In conjunction with placing your logo on The Mall, I will be creating press attention from domestic and international outlets which focus around my aim to achieve £1million. I aim to bring international traffic to your webpage via your segment on The Mall. The bigger your plot, the more prominent your spotlight will be, and therefore the greater the traffic to your business.

Why are you doing this?

My intention is to make The Mall a visual spectacle where web users on the internet browse various brands and shop at their pleasure.

I was made redundant last year, and have struggled to get back into employment. I have therefore taken the ambitious step to raise money and stay financially solvent. I will be investing my own money into press attention that will focus on me achieving this will drive traffic to The Mall and therefore to your store front.

What is your background?

After being made redundant last summer, I started my internet venture LinQsta ( When I launched the service in September 2012, I naively thought I could get the website up to 30,000 registered users within 6 months, and have the site becoming viral in no time. Reality kicked in very quickly when it became obvious growing a business is not easy, and sheer determination, ambition and a few bottles of the strongest spirit are required to plough through it.

This drove me to create Mashabrand - to bring a spotlight to the many brands in the same position, and help them achieve traffic, sales and growth

Is this a serious business?

This business is like any other, a service intended to benefit customers. The Mashabrand idea is highly original, innovative and novel, and this is what will set this advertising space apart from any other you have been involved in. The huge novelty factor, in conjunction with our coverage from the press, will create a viral explosion which in turn will generate huge domestic and international traffic to The Square and therefore to your engaging plot on The Mall.

Why should we do this?

Your plot in the Mall will be guaranteed for as long as the site is running so long as you purchase a plot whilst there are empty spaces. I aim to keep the site going for 10 years at the least, and The Mall will be seen as an exhibition piece for years after the project has been completed, and you will be visible for the duraion of it's existence.

The world is changing all of the time, and businesses are shelving their retail outlets for virtual real estate on the internet. The internet has been around for 20 years, but it is only now that the world are starting to transition, given the technology that is available.

To have a plot on this land will mean that your visibility will be guaranteed for many years. Meaning you will benefit from, the increasing number of customers coming to the internet looking for services to cater for them.

Will this be a one-off investment?

Like any business, maintenance costs have to be factored into the smooth running of the site. We would be looking for just £10 per year to keep the plot. This is to pay for the domain, the hosting and the development required to keep the site optimised and the server from crashing.