The Story so far

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013
2800 pixels sold!

Having spent 5 working days emailing as many people as I could, all of a sudden, three plots were bought. Mashabrand's first customer was the Practice Manager of a local dental practice who thought it was worth a punt to spread the word about her new cosmetic surgery! My sister then wanted a piece of the action to spread the word about her botox clinic and she wanted to stand out with a 2500 pixel plot!

Then in the evening, a wedding photographer who produces lovely pictures decided to take a punt, also by purchasing 200 pixels on my site.

I couldn't believe that within a week of operating, the site managed to make £2800!! Only another 997,200 to go! GOSH!

I wrote a launch press release, which we have submitted to regional papers including ours and we are going to the press on Sunday night!! Fingers crossed!

Friday 27th of June 2013
The concept definitely works!

I wanted to prove the concept worked, so I placed my website on the board on day 1, and today I looked at the traffic report today. Quick background, LinQsta is a business social network I created back in September for executives to link and share info via QR codes (just to clear the ambiguity behind the name), and the iPhone app (LinkPal) brings people to the site every day to register. So given that I already had footfall, I was astonished to see Linqsta's traffic go up 600% on the first day compared with not being featured, and 800% the next day! In just 2 days, 80% of all traffic I had was via Mashabrand!

Packed with this information, I shared this information out to other businesses and via Twitter and Facebook.

Wednesday 25th of June 2013
Mashabrand is soft launched to the world!

After a couple of weeks of development, tweaking and finding a good reliable host - was live! I had spent a long time coming up with the website name but ultimately our site was a unique and quirky spotlight for brands across a mash of sectors across the world - hence Mashabrand! I named the logo feature page 'The Mall' - which I hope will be an internet spectacle for years to come!

I went on Twitter, Facebook and email and started telling people all about it!

Our first day of traffic was over 200 people - Mashabrand was certainly bringing a lot of footfall!

Wednesday the 12th of June 2013
Website designed!

So the idea has pre-occupied my thoughts for days, so I decided to go to a job fair in Newbury to sound out my idea to business owners. It was a really good response, and I saw there was definite mileage here!

That evening, I went though how I wanted the site to look - colourful, attractive and professional. I knew I wanted this to be something special not an eyesore! I spent the best part of 6 hours designing each individual page of the website. The hardest part was the header, which was the shop window but I got there in the end and sent the designs off to my web man, Muhammad at

Friday the 7th June 2013
Website idea conceived!

Had quite a stressful day of programming so I took myself outside to play Logo Quiz on my iPhone and relax! Logo Quiz is an app where you are given part of a famous logo i.e. Nike and you have to correctly guess the brand. If you haven't already, I recommend you download it - it's very addictive!

Anyway, if, like me, you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you get ideas all the time and it goes through 3 iterations in a matter of minutes. Firstly, I thought how superb it would be to have a logo of one of my businesses on that game, then I thought about a page of logos that people could click to see who they are, and then I thought about an advertising page to give brand recognition to the many beautiful but unknown logos out there!

The next iteration was the most NOVEL one - I asked myself, why would anyone keep coming to this page? It needed some kind of special and compelling objective, something to draw the crowds and the press to the site. So I attached £1 MILLION POUNDS as goal onto the end of it - ambitious I know, but I thought why not! To give the brands the recognition they need, the press need to write about the site and generate a lot of attention so the traffic will see us achieve £1 million pounds!! Secondly, I need the money, and if only part of the page was filled, at least I would have some!!